Occasionally I talk about things

xcodebuild for fun and profit

At /dev/world 2018 (August 2018)

This talk shows the amazing things you can do when you build outside of Xcode. Let’s go through a journey of building an application and testing it all without launching Xcode. Bonus: complimentary tools, so xcodebuild isn’t the only command line we’ll be using.

No Excuses: Continuous Integration in 25 minutes

At /dev/world 2017 (August 2017)

This talk will have you walking away knowing how to turn on continuous integration so your products work. We'll use at least one cloud service, and one self-hosted service.

New Javascript is the best JavaScript

At CampJS VIII (August 2017)

With the latest version of node and the latest browsers, lots of the cool parts of ESnext are available to use now. Modules? Yep! Async/await? Yep! Let’s see how they can a code base better and easier to develop with.

It's harder to not start

At SydJS (July 2016)

We know we should be testing, but it can seem just too hard to get started. So let's start a new project, from scratch, with automated testing. Now it won't be so hard.

How I learned to love Karma and Protected Branches

At Camp JS VII (June 2016)

Let's walk through the adding automated testing to a new project - from a test runner, through to CI. Maybe the tests will even pass!