Not a wizard, but had business cards that said I was.

Photo of Patrick (wearing a hat)

I am just a guy who is currently living in Sydney, Australia.

I use Macs and Linux machines, I code in Javascript (both in the browser and with node.js), C++, Go, Objective-C and Swift. I fall back to ruby for quick things where node.js hasn't caught up yet. I have on occasion used Python. I promised myself never again. I've renegged on that twice. I spend most of my time at work wrangling servers with terraform and any other bit of automation I can glue together.

Sometimes I talk at conferences or meetups. When I do I put an entry on the talks page, with links to slides & code.

You'll notice at the bottom of the page a link to Some rights reserved. I strongly believe that content we (all humans) create should first and foremost be usable to encourage further creation. As such I license my content under a creative commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0" license, and most photographs (on flickr) from 2007 onwards under an creative commons Attribution 2.5 licence - feel free to use it. Code is, where possible, given away under a BSD-style license.

You can find me: